torsdag 15. november 2018

Operation Mekong: China Solidifies Its Influence in Southeast Asia

In no other region is China's influence as pronounced as in the countries along the Mekong. This partly has to do with their geographical and cultural proximity to China, with historical bonds that can be traced back hundreds of years. But it's also because of a strategic, systematic plan that is bigger than any single project.

A new global power is rising along the Mekong, one that is adaptable and versatile. It adjusts to the precise conditions of each country, from developmental status to economic needs. It takes into consideration the countries' political systems along with their diplomatic and militaristic preferences. How exactly, though, does Beijing do it? How is it wielding China's unique resources and abilities to solidify its influence? Assuming no political or economic crises interrupt the plans of the Chinese government, other countries and regions will sooner or later find themselves confronted with these same questions.