tirsdag 20. november 2018

Chinese Oscars: Beijing cuts live coverage after winner calls for independent Taiwan

The Chinese-language version of the Oscars, the Golden Horse Awards, have become the latest flashpoint in tense relations between China and Taiwanafter a film director questioned the island’s political status. Documentary filmmaker Fu Yue called for Taiwan to be recognised as an “independent entity” during her acceptance speech, fighting back tears as she said, “this is my biggest wish as a Taiwanese”. Her speech was quickly censored on Chinese television and streams, with the coverage going black.

For decade China has claimed Taiwan as part of its territory, but the island has been independently ruled since 1949, and in the past two decades has become a flourishing democracy in contrast to Beijing’s authoritarian government. Chinese officials often bristle at suggestions of Taiwanese independence, and have gone to great lengths to poach Taiwan’s diplomatic allies.