tirsdag 18. september 2018

New interview: Chinese ambassador to Sweden demands compensation and punishment after tourists evicted from Stockholm hotel

In the last couple of days, a Chinese family getting evicted from a Stockholm hotel by Swedish police have made headlines around the world a created a diplomatic row between the two countries. (See this link for videos and a detailed explanation.) After the incident, Chinese authorities immediately contacted their Swedish counterpart to demand an apology, compensation for the family and punishment for the involved police officers.

The Swedish top prosecutor at an early stage decided to cancel the investigation against the police patrol, as there was no indication that they had been acting wrongfully. Indeed, as the videos are showing, no violence were being used, and the family were let off at a metro station which is a common place for the police to bring people that are disturbing social order in the city centre. Nevertheless, the Chinese authorities have kept demanding apology, compensation and punishment. The Chinese embassy in Stockholm have been most vocal with those demands.