onsdag 25. april 2018

Student says Peking University trying to silence her over rape claim petition

A student activist calling for transparency over an alleged rape at China’s top university has accused the university of trying to silence her. Earlier this month, former classmates of a literature student at Peking University (PKU) who killed herself in 1998 came forward to say she had been raped by her professor, Shen Yang, who denies the allegation. PKU and two other universities subsequently cut ties with Shen and a group of current PKU students petitioned the school to hand over all documents related to the case.

The case is at the centre of a small but growing #MeToo movement among students at PKU and other universities across China who have been calling for more accountability over sexual assault on campuses. The movement is unusual in an environment where any activism, especially among students, is closely monitored and stamped out.