torsdag 26. april 2018

Hong Kong Bookseller Plans New Bookstore in Democratic Taiwan

Lam Wing-kei, one of five Hong Kong booksellers detained by the Chinese authorities for selling "banned" political books to customers across the internal border in mainland China, says he will open a new bookstore on the democratic island of Taiwan later this year in a bid to keep selling and publishing freely, something that is no longer possible in his home city of Hong Kong.

Lam, who has been the most outspoken of the detainees, speaking out in defiance of gag orders imposed by Chinese police, fled to Taiwan after giving a large number of media interviews, amid concerns that he may be detained again or kidnapped. He has also sought to warn the island's 23 million residents what Beijing really means when it offers Taiwan "reunification" along the same lines as Hong Kong's "one country, two systems" arrangement: ever-increasing control by the ruling Chinese Communist Party over every aspect of its citizens' lives.

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