onsdag 18. april 2018

China's State Security Police Target Those Who 'Collude' With Foreign Countries

China's state security police have set up a website to collect tip-offs regarding alleged threats to national security, including "colluding with foreign countries ... or institutions." The site, which is available in Chinese and English, wants to know about any organization or individuals whose actions may endanger China's "sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security."

It is seeking reports of anyone believed to be "organizing, plotting or committing activities to dismember the state, fomenting the [dismembering of] the state and undermining national unity," especially if they are acting "in collusion" with institutions, organizations or individuals outside China. It also calls for reports of anyone plotting "armed rebellion or armed riot," as well as acts aimed at "subverting state power and overthrowing the socialist system," including "rumor" and "libel." The ministry also welcomes any information about defectors or would-be defectors, and anyone engaged in "stealing, secretly gathering, buying or unlawfully providing state secrets or intelligence for institutions, organizations or individuals outside [China]."