lørdag 24. mars 2018

Why China’s Response to Trump’s Tariffs Is So Muted

In a tit-for-tat trade battle with the United States, China’s response has so far been restrained.But that is with good reason: As it waits to see how far President Trump plans to go in imposing sweeping tariffs on China, Beijing knows that it has more effective weapons in its arsenal.

China’s Ministry of Commerce said on Friday that it would impose tariffs on $3 billion worth of American-produced fruit, pork, wine, seamless steel pipes and more than 100 other products. The move was in response to the Trump administration’s announcements that it would apply tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, and came hours after Mr. Trump said he would impose tariffs on about $60 billion worth of Chinese-made products. Beijing said it would challenge the penalties at the World Trade Organization, and would carry out its trade restrictions in accordance with W.T.O. rules.