tirsdag 20. mars 2018

China's Xi Jinping hails 'new era' with strong, nationalist speech

Xi's speech hit the same notes as a marathon three-hour address to Communist officials in October, after his political doctrine "Xi Jinping Thought" was added to the Party's constitution, raising him to a level no Chinese leader has held since Mao Zedong, the founder of Communist China.

That was the first formal move confirming predictions Xi would seek to stay on past the usual two five-year terms as President. In February it was announced presidential term limits would be abolished, clearing the way for Xi to serve for life. Xi has been accused of pursuing a cult of personality similar to Mao's. During a session of the NPC confirming the change and reappointing Xi as President, television footage showed delegates in tears, and state media has begun referring to him as the country's "helmsman."