mandag 29. januar 2018

If I were Chinese ... First I would buy Andøya airport because it is for sale. Then I would talk tourism ...

If I were Chinese.... First I would buy Andøya airport. Because it is for sale. It would be my Belt and Road main base for Scandinavia. Then I would talk tourism... talk talk talk about value creation, about jobs, about “value of work”. Whereas my already established Estonian bus company would start moving buses to Norway with my Estonian drivers assisted by Chinese guides and GPS. I could probably use some Norwegians to help look for old sanatoriums, unoccupied asylum refugee centres and broke hotels that I could buy cheaply and internationalise by importing steam ovens from China so we can prepare proper Chinese food. And then I actually do not need the Norwegians any more.

Dag Rømmen

Norway already has very low unemployment rate, so I do not want to create inflation by putting pressure on salaries. Therefore, I shall also bring my infrastructure contractors to Norway to assist with road and rail construction. We are very good at that and we do not go bankrupt like some Austrians and Italians. I shall fly inn all specialists needed to operate the equipment we need as the manuals are only in Mandarin. I shall be very competitive on pricing and Norway shall of course pay me for these services to improve their infrastructure. Just like Laos. And Africa. I believe China is party to the Svalbard trakteten? That may also create opportunities.

When I think about it, Rygge airport is also for sale. It could serve as my sub-base with easy access to Sweden and Nordbysenterest for cheaper food. And it would also have better climate when my scientists explore the high-tech clusters in Sweden and the Oslofjord area. It could also serve as base for logistics and tourism for my countrymen to visit the entire northern Europe.

Andenes is of course also top for fisheries. On the map it looks like I can easily build a fish receiving terminal almost straight at the airport. Lots of fish. And no one will see how much. That would be very efficient logistics before flying or shipping the fish to China for processing and consumption. Yes – I shall build a big combined port for fisheries and for big cargoships destined for the Northern route to China. And Norway shall pay. Just like Sri Lanka.

I have made a note that I should take a look at this Leira airport that is also for sale. It would be convenient for our tourists when visiting the Fjords. The airport is small but I could have some small shuttles commuting to Andenes and Rygge. I have heard that I need not go to the west coast to buy up fishfarms. The Owners are in Oslo and in London and the companies are quoted on the stock exchange. But anyway – a third airbase would be nice to have. Safety and security. And I do not need a base in Bergen in addition to the cultural centre I already have at the university there. And by the way – I already have the samples of the best Norwegian salmon in my gene bank for on-land production in China.

Apropos base. I could employ some Norwegians to help market Chinese airplanes and military materiel in Europe. Short term, of course. Can probably find some at Kongsberg. Rygge is close to Kongsberg. I could put some stock and samples at Andenes and then either fly in customers or fly out the equipment. Maybe I could even have a branch of my submarine company at the new combined fishery port? Or may be I should mention to Putin that I may be interested in his submarine mountain base outside Tromso – let me make a note of that...

Yes, free trade is a fantastic concept – absolutely free trade for me – and Mr. Xi.