søndag 2. juli 2017

China's Vision for Hong Kong

Beijing’s formulation rests on a sensitive presumption that the central government is entitled to take back Hong Kong’s powers at any time at its will. As a matter of political promise, this looks extremely unlikely before 2046, as after all Deng Xiaoping once instructed that Hong Kong’s capitalism and its way of life should remain unchanged for 50 years, a promise enshrined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Nevertheless, some commentators have speculated that the constitutional order may not be retained in the long term. In a radio interview last year, for example, Elsie Leung, the former secretary for justice of Hong Kong, emphasized that whether the current “one country, two systems” will be scrapped or Hong Kong will copy the mainland mechanism after 2046 largely depends on how Hong Kong does in the following 30 years.