tirsdag 20. juni 2017

'My Health is Very Good,' Dalai Lama Tells Tibetans in San Diego

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama announced on Sunday that he is in excellent health following assurances by doctors that he is cancer-free during an annual medical check-up last month in Minnesota. 
Addressing hundreds of Tibetans who had gathered in San Diego, California, to hear him speak, the exiled spiritual leader said that doctors in Rochester, Minnesota, had found nothing left of a “small sign of cancer” in his prostate gland they had identified and treated two years before.

“This time during the examination at the Mayo Clinic, they saw no trace of it. It is completely cured,” the Dalai Lama said. 
“I arrived [at the clinic] on June 13, and a medical exam was done on the 14th,” the Dalai Lama told the crowd on June 18, a day after giving this year’s commencement address at the University of California at San Diego.