tirsdag 20. juni 2017

Chinese Police Warn Father of Jailed Rights Lawyer After Family's Angry Statement

The father of jailed Chinese human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong has been called in and issued with a warning by the country's state security police after the family issued a statement slamming the government's forced "appointment" of defense lawyers in the case.
"The state security police took Jiang Tianyong's father down to the police station [on Friday] for a chat, and they told him not to ... have anything to do with anyone outside [the case], because it is still under investigation," Jiang's U.S.-based wife Jin Bianling told RFA on Friday.

The warning came after the family issued a joint statement on Thursday hitting out at the authorities for refusing to recognize defense lawyers they appointed by refusing their requests to meet with Jiang, who has had no contact with family or lawyers since his incarceration.