onsdag 14. juni 2017

Chinese Dissidents Call For Reparation for Persecuted 'Anti-Rightist' Intellectuals

Sixty years after China's Anti-Rightist political movement of 1957 saw hundreds of thousands of Chinese intellectuals killed, jailed, or persecuted, a prominent dissident has called for compensation for the families of those persecuted. Sichuan-based writer Tan Zuoren, who has previously been jailed for researching official corruption linked to child deaths in the devastating 2008 earthquake, called on the ruling Chinese Communist Party to make amends to the survivors of the campaign by revoking the political verdicts on its victims.

"My first point was to call on the government to face up to the problems left over by history, and to address the question of compensation from the government, the income of 'rightists,' and their pensions," Tan said. "The second was that we should be pushing for some kind of reconciliation in their last years, and calling on the government to tell us the truth," he said.