onsdag 14. juni 2017

Beijing Slams Links Between Taiwan, Hong Kong Lawmakers as 'Collusion'

China on Monday hit out at plans for a pro-democratic alliance between lawmakers in Taiwan and Hong Kong, warning that the move shows "collusion" between independence activists in the two regions, and will further heighten tensions across the Taiwan Strait.Set up by a former leading figure in Taiwan's 2014 "Sunflower" student movement and a political science professor, the Taiwan Congressional Hong Kong Caucus was launched on Monday under by lawmakers in Taipei.

New Power Party (NPP) leader and alliance founder Huang Kuo-chang led protests against a secretive trade deal between the then-ruling Kuomintang nationalist party and Beijing, during which students occupied the island'sparliament, the Legislative Yuan. 
"The Beijing government has continuously suppressed Hong Kong’s fight for democracy, undermining human rights and freedom in Hong Kong," Huang said on Monday, launching the alliance.