søndag 2. april 2017

Park Geun-hye’s Life in Jail: Cheap Meals and a Mattress on the Floor

As president of South Korea, Park Geun-hyenever appeared in public until stylists had arranged her hair in the trademark updo of her mother, a popular first lady who was killed by an assassin in 1974. On Friday, Ms. Park was required to remove the hairpins she uses to maintain that style before entering the jail where she now resides. Inmates at the Seoul Detention Center cannot have metal hairpins, because they could use them to hurt themselves, officials said. “When she wakes up in the morning and realizes that she can’t do her hair anymore, she will be faced with the stark new reality,” Lee Yong-ju, a former prosecutor who is now an opposition lawmaker, said in a radio interview on Thursday. Read more