mandag 5. desember 2016

Opinion: Donald Trump's 'brilliant' move on Taiwan may make Asia safer

Donald Trump's call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen upended 40 years of US foreign policy. Ever since 1979, America has acknowledged a One-China policy and terminated formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. No American president, cautious of provoking China, has spoken with the island's president since then.
Even President Ronald Reagan, stalwart defender of democracy and opponent of communism, refused to cross any red line by speaking with the president of Taiwan. Concerns by foreign policy experts are that the call indicates Trump is a bumbling, rank amateur when it comes to foreign policy, who hasn't consulted with the State Department prior to calls with foreign leaders, and will hurt American prestige at best, or, at worst, is a loose cannon that is leading America to war with China. Read more