lørdag 16. juli 2016

Liberal Chinese Journal, Claiming Interference by Overseers, Files Lawsuit

A liberal Chinese journal whose publisher and top editors were dismissed or demoted this week says it is fighting back with a lawsuit. On Tuesday, the Chinese National Academy of Arts, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and oversees the monthly journal, Yanhuang Chunqiu, announced on the publication’s website that it was removing Du Daozheng, its founding publisher, because Mr. Du, 93, is “in his advanced years.” He will be replaced by Jia Leilei, a deputy director of the academy. The academy also demoted the journal’s chief editor, Xu Qingquan, to deputy editor and replaced him with Hao Qingjun, a deputy researcher on literature at the academy. Four other people from the academy were assigned to top editorial positions. Read more