mandag 20. juni 2016

Gao Zhisheng: persecuted Chinese lawyer smuggles out book of abuses

One of the most outspoken dissidents still living in mainland China has vowed to expose “the truth and crimes” of his country’s Communist rulers after publishing a chilling account of years of torture and persecution he claims to have suffered. Gao Zhisheng – a 52-year-old human rights lawyer who activists say has endured years of horrific abuse at the hands of authorities – has been under virtual house arrest since his release from prison in 2014.Despite living under almost constant surveillance Gao was able to pen a detailed memoir of his alleged treatment and to have it smuggled out of the country. The book, entitled Stand Up China 2017 – China’s Hope: What I Learned During Five Years as a Political Prisoner, was published this week in TaiwanRead more