mandag 11. april 2016

Tibetans Sentenced for Attempt to Retake Community Land

A group of four Tibetans was sentenced today to up to three years in prison for their attempt last year to reclaim land seized by local authorities in western China’s Sichuan province, the RFA's Tibetan Service has learned. Rinchen Dorje, Kurde Yeshe and Phurko received two-year jail terms, while Jigji Kyab was given a three-year term, for their part in the attempt to take the land back from the government, sources inside Tibet told RFA. None of the Tibetans will have to serve out their entire sentence in prison, however, as an unusual sentencing arrangement allowed them to serve their terms on parole, as long as they agreed to serve an additional six months. All four agreed took the deal, the sources tell RFA. Read more