fredag 5. februar 2016

Future Of Bitter South China Sea Sovereignty Dispute Rests On The Philippines

The Philippines used to be just one of six governments competing for claims to the South China Sea, a tropical ocean that’s hot because of its resources. That country lags its rivals, especially China, in military might and scope of claim to the ocean that covers 3.5 million square kilometers. It’s not the most aggressive driller for whatever oil and natural gas lurk under the ocean floor, nor is it the major marine shipper. But in 2014 President Benigno Aquino’s government, bolstered by a strong legal claim to eastern parts of the sea and anger over China’s combative presence, asked the United Nations to arbitrate the sovereignty dispute. A U.N. panel agreed in October to do that. The outcome tipped to favor Manila will affect how claimants treat one another for years to come even if they don’t recognize the arbitration process. Read more