onsdag 31. juli 2013

Violent July: Chinese Seek the Roots of Recent Incidents

At 8:50 pm on July 23 in Beijing, a woman was pushing a stroller on her way home. Her daughter was asleep. She stopped at a bus station to organize some of her things when, according to several witnesses interviewed by the Beijing Times, two men in a car asked the woman to move and let them park the car there. She refused. A quarrel erupted. A man dressed in gray jumped out of the car and rushed up to the woman. He pulled the woman’s hair and slapped her across the face.

Mr. Zhou, a witness, described the scene:

"After the man in gray had beaten the woman for one minute, another man dressed in pink exited the vehicle and began hitting the woman as well. At that moment, the man in gray walked over to the stroller. He scooped up the girl, lifted her above his head and threw her fiercely to the ground. It was all over in three minutes, after which the two men fled. The sleeping girl was silent throughout the whole process. She died at 11:00 pm on July 25, after two days in the hospital."

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